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Benefits of a Partner

Reduce Recruiting Costs
Put an end to your frustration by allowing Angel Medical Professionals to complete your staffing needs. By utilizing AMP, you can greatly reduce, if not eliminate your recruiting costs. Salary and benefits are not the only expense involved with payroll. The hidden costs of signing bonuses, job fairs, interviews, credentialing, and classified advertisements are only some of the reoccurring expenses associated with recruitment and payroll. Angel Medical Professionals will provide all these services so that your organization can focus on the care of its patients. Let us reduce your recruiting and payroll expenses and eliminate the stress involved with staffing your facility.

Lower Payroll Expense
Payroll and human resources are often difficult and time consuming functions of a health care facility. It is also very expensive to hire qualified individuals to perform the functions necessary to interview, hire, credential, and pay top quality medical professionals. Liability and insurance costs increase as an organization hires new nurses to staff the facility. Fluctuating censuses, high demand for nurses, increased liability risk, rising cost of insurance and often unreliable workers are just some of the reasons to consider using Angel Medical Professionals to lower payroll expenses. Angel Medical Professionals will perform all the functions of a human resource department with none of the headaches. Angel Medical Professionals hires, credentials, trains, and staffs facilities using their own employees. This allows health care facilities to do what they do for people in need.

Employee Screening
Angel Medical Professionals provides the most professional and qualified medical employees in the market. We thoroughly screen each applicant to ensure proper licensing and education. In addition each applicant must clear a criminal background check, work history search, and mandatory drug screen. Finally, AMP management conducts multiple interviews with each applicant to establish the overall aptitude and personal stability of each of our “angels”. We certify that each candidate has the training and experience to fill each specific need at your facility.

Response Time
At Angel Medical Professionals, we value your time. Our goal is to provide you the highest quality service and the most personalized attention. With that as our mission, we guarantee our availability 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to attend to your employment needs. We even have a guaranteed 30 minute response time to every incoming call. We stand ready to serve you, on your schedule.

At your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Angel Medical Professionals has partnered with our facility to meet the demands of our growing nursing needs. I appreciate Angel's staff in assisting us to provide quality care with quality nurses. Thank you for all that you do!!