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Staffing Services

AMP is a personalized staffing agency that knows the importance and urgency of the medical staffing needs in Texas. We understand the difficulties with last minute callouts, no-shows, and an unexpected increase in census. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you have the most qualified, experienced, reliable, and well screened nurses available whenever you need them. The AMP staff has years of experience in recruiting and retaining the most qualified nurses in the industry. When contracting with AMP, you can feel confident that you we will send the absolute best nurses available. With strong roots in central Texas, we guarantee that you will get the very best when you select Angel Medical Professionals as your personalized staffing agency.

Angel Medical Professionals labors to provide only the most qualified nurses who meet our rigorous standards. Our extensive recruiting efforts ensure that the Angel Medical Professionals workforce is the finest in the industry. By requiring significant experience prior to joining the AMP team, we greatly reduce the risk of putting a nurse in a situation that he or she is unequipped to handle. Additionally, our thorough drug screening program and comprehensive criminal background checks afford our clientele the knowledge that our nurses offer as small a threat as possible to the reputations of the facilities where they work. Finally, each employee of Angel Medical Professionals is interviewed multiple times by our management staff to verify that the individual is just the right "fit" for our organization and for our clients. This commitment to excellence in its hiring supplies Angel Medical Professionals with its principal foundation for success in the medical staffing market.

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Serving the Medical Staffing needs of Central Texas.
Angel Medical Professionals has partnered with our facility to meet the demands of our growing nursing needs. I appreciate Angel's staff in assisting us to provide quality care with quality nurses. Thank you for all that you do!!