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Benefits of an Angel

At Angel Medical Professionals, we strive to provide the most competent professionals in a timely manner. We understand that callouts or high census levels often happen with little or no warning. Our staffing coordinators are experienced at handling these crisis needs and are often able to supply a quality individual in a matter of mere minutes. Our employee-based agency maintains very high levels of both general liability and workers' compensation insurance. By working to ensure that each one of our "angels" meets only the most stringent of requirements, Angel Medical Professionals positions itself as the provider for quality medical personnel in Texas.

What are the Benefits of Employment with Angel Med Pros?

Flexible Hour/Exciting Work Environments
Are you tired of the day to day grind? Working long hours, and being forced to work shifts that disrupt your life can often be tiresome and unrewarding. Angel Medical Professionals allows you the freedom to select your own schedule! The AMP staff will allow you to dictate the days and times you would like to work. You can even select the cities and facilities in which you will work. Why continue working long hours for less money in undesirable situations, when you can have the excitement and flexibility that comes with working at Angel Medical Professionals.

Accessible Management
At AMP, we will be at your service and available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Working in a large facility can often make you feel unimportant, and the management of the facility is often distant, unavailable, or even unapproachable. Angel Medical Professionals office staff is just a phone call away. Whether you need extra hours, have an emergency and canŐt work your scheduled shift, or need career advice, we will always be ready to help you. We stand ready to help you meet your career goals and it is our priority to be accessible to every AMP nurse.

Continuing Ed/Opportunities To Gain Experience
Remaining on the cutting edge of nursing standards and striving to fulfill the continuing education requirements can be an annoyance. At Angel Medical Professionals, we not only provide free and productive seminars and lectures that count for necessary Continuing Education Units (CEUs), we also assist our nurses to ensure that the proper paperwork is filled out and sent off in a timely fashion. We promote a good understanding of the medical field by our nurses. This philosophy is enhanced by giving our employees the opportunity to perform in a variety of professional settings. AMP nurses are given the opportunity to work in multiple situations with an assortment of patients. This opportunity allows each nurse to enhance their skill-set and talents by choosing to work with us.

Fitting Work into Your Life.
Angel Medical Professionals has partnered with our facility to meet the demands of our growing nursing needs. I appreciate Angel's staff in assisting us to provide quality care with quality nurses. Thank you for all that you do!!