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Based on a desire to continue to provide the highest possible quality of care for the citizens of Texas, the owners of Visiting Angels, a homecare company with strong roots in matching high-quality personnel with high-quality families, decided to begin a new organization that would strive to fulfill the need for quality nursing professionals in facilities throughout the area. This commitment to the residents of Texas is what led to the inception of Angel Medical Professionals. Angel Medical Professionals is an enterprise whose chief end is to supplement the employees of hospitals, long-term care, and other patient-care facilities with additional highly-qualified, thoroughly-screened individuals who genuinely care about those under their supervision. By aiding these hospitals and facilities in maintaining their critical patient care ratios, Angel Medical Professionals fulfills its stated mission of improving the lives of the patients in Texas.

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Serving the Medical Staffing needs of Central Texas.
Angel Medical Professionals has partnered with our facility to meet the demands of our growing nursing needs. I appreciate Angel's staff in assisting us to provide quality care with quality nurses. Thank you for all that you do!!